Business Networking Breakfast next Wed. Limited seats left. Bookings Essential!


June 10


06:45 am - 08:30 am

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Noosa Business Connect

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The River Deck Restaurant

Noosa Marina, 2 Parkyn Court

Tewantin, AU

Looking to increase the amount of business you get WITHOUT paying for ads and expensive marketing?

Join us at the River Deck restaurant for a terrific breakfast and get together with other local business people who pass referrals directly to you. Our meetings follow a specific agenda each meeting so that everyone is confident with the process and we can deliver the best effectiveness as far as learning about each other’s businesses goes and also to maximise the number and quality of referrals that are passed around the table each week. Bookings are Essential! Please email [email protected] to confirm attendance. $20 for breakfast.

Pre Meeting Time

Getting to know members in the group is important for obvious reasons: You get to know what they do and what type of customers they are looking for, and they get to know the same information from you. What better time to do it away from the formality of a meeting than over a cup of coffee on the balcony.

It’s this 15 minutes of chatter to many or one that cements friendships, builds trust and also jogs memories in case you get the need to refer to them one day.

So we spend 15 minutes between 6:45am and 7:00am meeting as a group and general chatting to break the ice each Wednesday and then get ready for our meeting.

Meeting Time

At 7am we move to the table to eat breakfast (you can order from a vast array of breakfasts and it is delivered to your seat).

Then the President will take charge of the meeting and welcome everyone. One person will deliver a quick 5 minute “Training segment” about something related to business or networking that may be of interest to the members. We all take turns to prepare and present a training segment on a roster basis.

Post Meeting Time

After the meeting at 8:30am some members will take a moment to have a sit down with one other member of the group, or diarise a time during the week to do what we call a “get-together”. It’s a personal chat about their business to hone in on things that may just sink into the memory to be able to think of them at a time a potential referral pops up during the week.