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Optimise your personal growth and life potential by moving past limiting beliefs and behaviours. Become the best version of you possible.


“After trying for years and failing, I had 2 sessions with Steve and achieved my outcome effortlessly. The sessions were professional, friendly and easy. I cannot recommend Steve highly enough to anyone who wants to achieve results fast.” – Karina S.


One hypnosis session can have amazing results. Imagine what 3 or 4 could do! Each program is tailored to meet your needs as an individual.

Noosa Hypnosis

I’m in the business of helping people get what they want quicker and more easily. It may be overcoming anxiety or panic attacks; it could be stopping smoking for good or it may be losing weight. These are areas that are more commonly known to be successful with hypnosis. However, any area that needs an upgrade in belief or mindset is perfectly suited for hypnotic change.

Just think of an area in your personal or business life where you struggle with something that holds you back. You know if you could get past it, things would be so much easier. For example, I worked with a business owner who struggled with the confidence to follow up with her clients. At her last session she told me that she had made over $10,000 that week by following up on her leads. This was an activity that was previously too overwhelming and now that the fear was gone, the door was open for personal and financial success.

There are plenty of obstacles on your path to success and happiness: don’t let yourself be one of them. Call me and we can get you on track. – Steve Dodson.

Noosa Hypnosis

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