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Noosa Business Connect

Noosa Business Connect is Noosa's Newest networking group of enthusiastic business owners keen to grow through referrals. Categories are limited, join now!
Noosa Business Connect
Noosa Business Connect was live.1 week ago
Noosa Business Connect - Ditte - Viking Mortgages
Noosa Business Connect
Mandy Lopez
Mandy Lopez2 weeks ago
A great warming presentation, thanks BridgetJane 🙏
Noosa Business Connect
Noosa Business Connect3 weeks ago
To our members and visitors stay safe this week and enjoy the Easter Break. In response to today's announcement, Noosa Business Connect will cancel the 31/3 meeting.

We will let you know if the 7/4 meeting goes ahead as planned. Any questions or concerns, please email us at noosabc@gmail.com"

#covidsafe #businessleaders
Lukuman Zubairu
Lukuman Zubairu1 month ago
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Noosa Business Connect
Noosa Business Connect1 month ago
We had a great time at the very first Noosa Business Connect Health Expo this morning.

Self-care is very important. Looking after your professional well-being will lead to business success. You are an essential part of your business. Your energy, health and vibrance will help you and your team get through challenging times.

We want to give a huge shout out to Laguna Bay Chiropractic, The R&R Centre, Primal Release Massage, Pilates Success Peregian Beach, Sun Med, BridgetJane and The Smile Workx for taking the time to show us the importance of self-care and what they do to improve our quality of life.

#health #wellbeing #wellness
Noosa Business Connect
Noosa Business Connect1 month ago
Do you want to improve your professional wellbeing?

Introducing Bridget Jane Brasser, a proud
member of Noosa Business Connect.

Bridget Jane is a mind, body and soul wellbeing coach. Helping you achieve lasting
Do any of these sound familiar?

• You've tried every diet and exercise
program but can't keep the weight off

• You're constantly stressed from trying
to juggle work, home and family life

• You've lost enthusiasm for life and
don't know how to get it back

• You always feel tired, sluggish and low
on energy

• You want to feel well again but don't
know where to start

Mind, body and soul well-being coach
BridgetJane helps you achieve the lasting
change you've been dreaming of. BridgetJane
teaches you to tap into your power to create
more incredible energy, health and happiness.
Bridget will share with our members and
visitors three simple ways to reduce stress
every day.

WHEN: Wednesday 10th of March, 6:45 am –
8:30 am at FISH Parkridge Noosa. Breakfast and
coffee are $25. Register your interest by
emailing noosabc@gmail.com